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09:00 on May 17, , 2016Warrior VS thunder The two sides are expected to start: Warrior: Garage, Andrew bogut, Thompson, Barnes, green;Thunder: Russell westbrook, Robertson, Kevin durant, the barca, Adams.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: warrior – 7.5.

Treasury at the end of the season with a lot of amazing performance, thunder is one of the victims.On February 28, the games between the two teams, with 0.6 seconds left in overtime, garage near the midfielder 3-pointer to beat, he cut down the 46 points, and hit a record of 12 3-pointers.On February 28, two teams of the confrontation, the warriors on the rebound to a 32-62 defeat, the thunder is one of the best teams in the rebounds per game this season, so the warriors couldn’t believe they can still win.

Warriors in the past two rounds are advanced easily by 4 to 1 score, the team is not playing tooHard, after the last round of the blazers warriors have break for four days, the team energy reserves is quite good, big injury at the beginning of the garage and injured Andrew bogut is got full recovery, the team is in good health, back to see the warriors beat the thunder before 3 games, averaging can be mighty upon the thunder down nearly 120 points, the team against the thunder when the defense is a high quality team runs is fairly easy, keeping the warriors on the game still can continue to use the pattern, as far as possible to beat the opponent in the form of the team is good at.

Thunder eliminated the favourites to win 4-2 on the spurs, the team moraleEncouraged, but the team on round promotion process did not go smoothly, also it is not hard to see from the last round of performance overall state of instability, thunder and twin durant brooke’s ability since needless to say, especially wei less mature performance in the playoffs is admirable, but the thunder in the barca, Adams, wei winters and kanter is difficult that several important helper reassuring, the stand or fall of the state completely around the thunder of the outcome, it thunder the outcome more is to look at the stability of these a few people, the team’s trip to win is still quite difficult.

Optimal DE W88, western sports reminders: recommended thunderbolt refusal under 7.5 points wins the game.

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