W88.com players to share the happiness the pros and cons of colour and betting skills

Shortly before the optimal DE W88, a loyal players to small make up the network sent an information in the “customer feedback”.Information content is that player to write an article about the pros and cons of “happy color and betting skills” to share.With small make up take a look at, whether you also empathy!

The pros and cons of happy color and betting skills to share

In a few years ago, just happy to play the color, I’m sure one day I can be able to “rijin daughter”.To such a goal, almost in addition to the workSpent time outside bets happy color above, probably experience and everybody are the same.Almost all the previous years is a deficit, at first hope every day to make a one hundred yuan above is pretty good.And struggled for more than two years, and finally mastered the certain bet method, this method is often superior “broken rope way”.

Indeed, so far, hundreds of dollars a day, this method is completely no problem.But I desire goal is not in the above, so I’m constantly exploring new methods of betting.Finally actually any way, not in front of the Numbers gameAs blow, we have found that, more than 20 times of single and double double, or more than 20 times the long list, or long double, the death of the countless times before these lines?Horrible, until now, the same is inevitable.With such confusion, I depressed for a period of time, or even want to give up the way of digital games bets on investment.Behind I’ve played football, read some books about mathematics theory and investment theory, completely change my for positioning in the Numbers game.

Below the thinking level and hierarchy and share a realityThe advantages and disadvantages of happy color, is the so-called enemy and know yourself, ever victorious!

Why happy color attractive?


Happy color for the six countries, day and night are kept open.Relative to such as baccarat, cheating this possibility is relatively less.Because chips are within the scope of the world, although affected by the actual amount bet, after all, is a computer program, but it is a relatively fair, but it is also one of the “cons” of happy color.realIs very frequent in the lottery, you can imagine, your brain is only one, but the face for 5 minutes a Numbers game, even if he is impossible to keep the mathematician at high speed to judge how he bets, so most of the time, our brain is overused, why would “put all your eggs in one basket” in the end?Is to think of it, then head dizzy, because has been this high speed consumption final impulse lack of self-control.

The level of thinking 】

Our thinking is single, it’s as if we read the book from that day on, the teacher taught meThis is the one on the ground, on the table.On, front is a table in the horizontal plane, because you are standing in the same point of view, if one day you’re standing in the earth’s atmosphere, this is a table in the sphere of the above, if one day you stand to see in the solar system, you can sure this is where the table??Ok, when we see a happy after the color ran out of the way, both single and double, long queues, everybody is very naturally to go up, is the idea or against it, the last is The Times, constantly until a clear his pocket.Because our starting point is the same, so the same, the same way, the result is notIs always the same, that is, the last was cleared out his pockets.

As a player, what is our profit?

[the first] : the choice of approach is important!

Numerous investor, warren buffett, so before the approach choice is particularly important.As the saying goes: the armed forces, hay.

: the second 】 【 betting plan of a day, how much, to win?

Don’t know whether all bets in every timeCalculated to plan how to cast of his own?Is there a specific bets on the forehead?I believe that most people are all the same, unplanned, always like to rely on intuition.Until now, I think, any investment, can’t directly.Tottering foe don’t chase, don’t know what you can understand it, your brain is your strength!You can’t always hope that 1000 principal, every day to earn 1000, 100% of profits, one or two days can do it, but every day is impossible.So we want to have a realistic plan, allocate their chips and principal assets as well.

The principal personally think: 【 1000 yuan, 20 yuan is the minimum bets, highest do not exceed 100 yuan a note, for the ideal distribution. And 10000 yuan of capital, is the ideal allocation of at least $50 for a note, highest do not exceed 200 yuan.”

Why is that?Because this is one of the best ways to prevent you for times, because the first note failure by you, you’ve had a lapse in judgment.The most terrible is not admit his mistake, and ultimately to repeat one’s mistakes.So, now, I want to share with you is: “to the line or off spring” is very risky bets.To do thisMethod above to secure a profit.

I bet the method

Share one: from above to see the length of the time, is to one day everything has its strong and weak point, theory of trend, too.When you see a wave of a wave of intense after the long dragon, is just as offensive as, after orgasm, everything is attributed to plain, this is when is it your best shot?Time can beat everything.

Heart and decentWill be

In optimal W88 website also played for more than 2 years, is also very familiar with the dribs and drabs of this site, are now can’t accept the bets way and type of other web sites.Is optimal in the first half of last year, also launched their own happy color 【 optimal DE happy color 】.Optimal DE happy color color bright interface, betting options also more easy, 30/60 of a second extreme lottery, there are many countries market choice.Most powerful is the happy color offer optimal DE launch!Sort is various, there is always a suitable for you.Anyway, I have to apply for, will not miss any one can take the chance of dividend.bigShall have the first 38% deposit bonus of up to 1888 lottery only 】, 【 brings daily bet $3888], [play happy, enjoy exciting, win cash prizes 】 and 【 happy color 0.8% ultra-high uncapped instant return water 】.Currently on the new a 【 happy color transfer gold, good work!The discount is there every week, for a period of one week.

To share the joy of color betting skills first wrote here!The hope is that optimal DE W88 network staff to convey their own experience to your friends.I wish everyone have a happy in your website can game, good luck!

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