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02:30 on Saturday, April 30, Beijing time, will soon celebrate 32 of the 2015-2016 the German bundesliga round, here small make up take you to preview in advance the arrangement and the analysis of the event.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/4/30 (Saturday)At 2:30augsburgcologne 2016/4/ 30 (Saturday)At 21:30mainzHamburg 2016/4/30 (Saturday)At 21:30Borussia DortmundWolfsburg, 2016/4/30 (Saturday)At 21:30Bayern MunichThe door is popular 2016/4/30 (Saturday)At 21:30Hannover 96Schalke 04 2016/4/30 (Saturday)At 21:30darmstadtFrankfurt 2016/4/30 (Saturday)At 21:30hoffenheimBecause of the gore Tuesday 2016/5/1 (Sunday)0:30Bayer leverkusenHertha Berlin 2016/5/3 (Monday)2:15Werder BremenStuttgart,

Bayern Munich VS borussia moenchengladbach (April 30) and

The game this Saturday at the allianz arena, bayern are likely to witnessWill be in the home win ahead of time, their premier league crown.Only need a win, melon handsome team can celebrate, without considering the Wolf fort borussia Dortmund the result of the match.The bundesliga giants in recent weeks the league status is very hot, past six league they 18 points!But when Buddha kill the Buddha’s bayern in the face of the door and have three losses, the game seems to be a war of revenge.

The door and the last time to get the league crown also have to go back as far away as 1976-1976 season, but they always like to play the role of the spoiler.Last week after victory over the limelight recently sheng huo village, xing also startingTwo low in a row before came out, they need a win next season’s champions league qualification for the final sprint.

Bayer leverkusen VS hertha Berlin (00:30) on May 1,

Although only a difference in the championship, but the third pharmaceutical factory and the fourth hertha Berlin’s recent state is really far.Even after last week after three ball reversal schalke, bayer leverkusen won six straight league has been made, then only need oneGames can help them locked places in the champions league next season.Play into the winning goal hernandez this season has scored 17 goals in 26 appearances, he is the key to plant!

Hertha lost to bayern Munich last week may be normal, but more let Berlin team is pretty hard to accept, this was their third defeat of the last four league games.After hertha Berlin occupy the third championship for up to eight weeks, however, since their status plummets.Although only a minute is enough to make sure they take part in the Europa league next season, but can enter the champions league is the pursuit of the capital club.

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