W88 casino 2015-2016 French football optimal DE w88 】 【 36 rounds of league fixtures

02:30 on Saturday, April 30, Beijing time, was approaching 30 in 2015-2016 French football league six games, here small make up take you to preview in advance the arrangement and the analysis of the event.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/4/30 (Saturday)At 2:30Paris st germainRyan 2016/4/30 (Saturday)00 PMnantesnice 2016/4/30 (Saturday)23:00St. deanToulouse, 2016/5/1 (Sunday)1 p.m.caenbastia 2016/5/1 (Sunday)1 p.m.lorientlille 2016/5/1 (Sunday)1 p.m.Monacoguingamp 2016/5/1 (Sunday)1 p.m.lanceMontpellier, 2016/5/1 (Sunday)1 p.m.troyesbordeaux 2016/5/1 (Sunday)3:00LyonAjaccio shaw 2016/5/1 (Sunday)23:00angersmarseille

Angers vs marseille,

【 injuries & amp; Suspension 】

Angers: YouDeLin, mann cut, old ropeInjured;Mr Traore is suspended.

Marcel: Mr Du, isla, rolando, diaby injured;Roman Mr Suspension;Um library Lou body poor conditions for doubtful;Rekik, lars – dia injury doubt.


In the last two meetings between the parties, angers all win.

The recent trends 】

Angers: negative flat wins –

Marcel: flat to negative negative flat negative –

【 little data 】

Marseille 11 times in the past failed to win in ligue 1.

Angers ligue 1 game unbeaten 5 times in the past.

【 event related 】

Angers with lille on Wednesday after the 0-0 draw, have five games unbeaten, they hope to arouse men’s morale, to such a momentum continue.Angers defense is still tight, it is a threat from set-pieces, they hope to repeat last September first cycle table away to beat marseilleNow.

Marseille in the performance of the velodrome is still weak, their last weekend with Joe wan’s goal in a 1-1 draw against the visiting nantes, still didn’t bring home viewers to victory.Under the condition of the season with only three rounds, but they fell to near the relegation zone.Since entering the 2016, “physis” lackluster performance on the road, the last time the away win in French or in February.

Leon tropical with good condition to the end of the season, weekend away confident they can make marseille 11 games without a win in the end stand empty, and for marseille, away from the relegation successOnly 1 minute.

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