W88.com recommended – the spurs VS the NBA matches

On May 11, 2016 08:00 the two sides are expected to start: SAN Antonio: parker, green, Leonard, lamarcus aldridge, Duncan;Thunder: Russell westbrook, Robertson, Kevin durant, the barca, Adams,

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: the SAN Antonio spurs – 7 points.

Playoff game 4, the spurs details in open god mode of Kevin durant, were the natural result is easing the bit in.In that game adu single-handedly scored 41 points, which made all six details scored 17 points.Instead in details that the spurs teamAdd up to 16 points.Thus, your team again with the tacit understanding, tactical layout again, in front of the star power of hanging them, isn’t worth mentioning.Assists data falling, holy city against the spurs swept, thunder everywhere find tooth, playing the game the spurs won 4-3 39 assists.But the next two games, the spurs decreased the number of assists to 19 times;In the first world war game 4 loss, only poor 12 times the spurs on the number of assists.Under the condition of the talent contest than rivals, and if the team to play out, the spurs, it’s very difficult to make a difference.

The spurs battle on the guestsDefeat, the team morale big hit, but the two teams still in the same starting line, the SAN Antonio spurs still have home court advantage, will battle the spurs on the all star 3 Leonard, lamarcus aldridge and parker attack desire is very strong, this three people together scored 63 points in the high score, but the spurs’ overall defensive performance is disappointing, especially for durant the defense is not in place, the final loss price for poor defensive team, it spurs or want to regain the team good at defense strategy, try to use wheel war defense mode to disturb thunder duo offensive rhythm, strive to grasp the initiative in the transition.

rayBattle for victory at home, on whether the team total score successful comeback, encouraged the team morale, in battle, brooke feel bad, but its great passing or let the thunder’s offensive firepower, and freddy adu is firing, the child he shot 14 of 25 game-high 41 points, the thunder team to keep more than 5, shooting team offensive aggressiveness, and paired rebound fighting consciousness also is quite high, proving inconclusive thunder finally successful comeback in a city, it away to challenge the spurs the devil at home, more thunder at both ends to show stronger team cooperation consciousness and rivals fight to the end.

recommendedThe thunder have seven points wins.

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