England’s premier league tournament recommend w88.com – west ham v Manchester united

On May 11, 2016 02:45 the two sides are expected to start: west ham: Adrian, crace vil, reed, Mr Bonner, Antonio, lansana kouyate, noble, range, and pat, nicolas sarkozy, carol;Manchester united: DE gea, valencia, Maureen, rojo, Jackson, Michael carrick, Lin lagarde, herrera, mata, palin, Wayne rooney,

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: west ham – 0.

Manchester city last round league with Arsenal at home 2-2 shaking hands, thisDraw also make a trip in the race of champions league qualification is in passive, behind Manchester united game in round 2 points behind, match with the west ham game if the reds can take all three points will lead against rivals, occupy the fourth place.West ham “XiaGanYiDan”, “Robin Hood” many times this season, tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester city have been the hammers KO, and Newcastle, aston villa, west brom team avoid relegation also can score points on the hammers.The last time the game was west ham to Upton park as a home to play, they will move in next season 2012 London Olympic Games will be LordLondon’s Olympic stadium, the hammers also want to use a victory to say goodbye to Upton park.

The game is a game of the premier league 35 wheel, west ham last round defeat and win, Manchester united and Southampton team has slipped to seventh, they have lost the opportunity to enter the champions league, because the city have to get the league cup, the league also can get 6 Europa league place, still need to go all out, so the west ham but as giants killer, but repeatedly over the five major team this season.One of the most successful a signings this season is a handkerchief, he got the best teamPlayer of the year award, for best goal, the top scorer award and best signings, and nominated for the PFA player of the tournament.

Draw with Manchester city this week, Manchester united in the case of a game with city rivals only 2 points, win the game as long as can lead against Manchester city, four to contend for the initiative in their hands, after all the champions league and the champions league in the history of the bonus is differ in thousands ways.Injuries, old injuries Luke shaw and bastian schweinsteiger to sit, and lenny because violence continued suspension, the three men this season has been reimbursed, moreover, m Ann and masha, also injured in a doubt,This season the team 65 injured, this is also let Louis van gaal the most headache problem.

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