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On May 5, 2016 08:00 the two sides are expected to start: knight: Owen, J – R – Smith, James, love, Thompson;The eagle: teague, warren, Bates Moore, Paul milsap horford,

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: knight – 7 points.

Although performance ups and downs during the regular season, but into the playoffs, Owen’s performance is very brave, the first series, he can get 27.5 points and 27.5 assists, 47.1% field goal percentage, three-point shotShooting also was 47.1%.And the first battle of the eagle and Owen to 21 points and eight assists, such a strong performance, is undoubtedly the knight will need.In contrast, teague, although it is as an all-star point guard, but the performance of the first game was disappointing, he shot 2 of 9 got only eight points and 4 assists, Owen has been after the explosion.Such a bad play, schroeder to 27 points of effort.Obviously, as the team’s engine, need to undertake more responsibilities.

With the eagle series opener, James scored 25 points, nine assists and seven rebounds and5 steals, it is worth mentioning, this is James’ career in the playoffs for the first time such a universal data.James knight can win, fully give play to the role of the leader, they also have excellent star Owen, scored 21 points and eight assists, important performance details after his time in Atlanta, has 7 points in a row, to alleviate the crisis of knight.In the last less than 1 minute, Owen also send a great big pot on the defensive end, to cover the lauder layup.

The eagle wants to win, must strive to limit knight a few stars, they will try to give James maBother to Owen, love also is same, try to limit their play.In addition, the eagle also need their strikers find aim, “he said.Warren was knight firmly locked in the opener, because opponents know he was the key of the Atlanta hawks, data show that the previous round series could win 78 points in the presence of the team, was not there, the team will lose 24 points.So the knight to warren outside the three-point line in the G1 only 1 shots, unfortunately failed to hit.Teague, Paul milsap, buzz mo as people are getting in the game, so that their chances of winning is bigger.

Recommend the knight to 7Points wins.

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