W88 casino games recommend European champions league – real Madrid VS Manchester city

On May 5, 2016 02:45 the two sides are expected to start: real Madrid: nawaz;Card oaxaca, pepe and sergio ramos, marcelo;Luka modric, cross, Mr Families;Bell, Hector, cristiano ronaldo;Manchester city: hart;Sagna, kompany, the tower door, gael clichy;Yaya toure, fernand dinho;Nawaz, DE brow, sterling;Aguero

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: real Madrid – 1 ball.

In the history of real Madrid, a total of 13 in the champions league (Including former champions league final, and more than all the other teams, and Manchester city this season is the first into the champions league semi-finals, who only a champions league final, won the European cup winners’ cup is 1969-70 season.Two teams had three meetings, real Madrid 1 win 2 draw, after being eliminated by the Liverpool since the 2008-09 season, white army is nearly nine times against 6-3 draws unbeaten premier league team.Against the la liga club, Manchester city game 4 3 negative, but this season’s group stage was the last time, win over sevilla.

Real Madrid in the last week and Manchester city stuffy to within and on the road, the game back home, as long as can back to win the champions league final,But the team’s front court recently affected by the injury, main striker karim benzema and striker ronaldo has fallen due to injury, the former has been set for the game, while the latter in the case of rush back, can you find the best feeling is still a doubt, although another striker bell state well recently, but the midfielder mascherano of miro injury, will make the real Madrid midfielder to the serious shortage of force majeure, that even if have home court advantage, but real Madrid want promotion is still not easy.

Manchester city in the league last weekend rotation most main, finally on the road against Southampton, taking the risk of loss of champions league qualification for this ratioHolding power, coach Manuel pellegrini determination can be seen, but from the perspective of the performance of the first leg, Manchester city in the overall technique level and real Madrid still has a big gap, if not brave goalkeeper hart play team is likely to fall at home in the last week, coupled with the game injured midfielder silva, Manchester city can only rely on the game’s brow within one person to organize the attack, difficult to knock on the opponent’s gate.

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