W88.com recommended – knight VS the NBA matches a hawk

On May 3, 2016, the two sides are expected to start off from: knight: Irwin, Smith, lebron, joachim loew, Thompson;The eagle: teague, warren, basil, Paul milsap, horford


Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: knight – 7.5.

The Cleveland cavaliers won easily in the first round, they will against the Atlanta hawks in the eastern semi-finals.3, the cavaliers will play at home, lebron, Irwin and low to give play to the role of leader, they want to drive the team onHome to the impact on the cavaliers to win 1-0 lead.The hawks in the first round encounter many test, teague, Paul milsap, horford has to have a better performance, they must strive for the road shock led to home-court advantage.

The cavaliers to 4-0 sweep of the pistons in the first round series, the leader of the lebron continues to bring stability, their two other star irvine, coach also have excellent performance, the cavaliers with excellent play to prove they did are favourites for the east champion.A year ago, the cavaliers in the eastern conference finals 4-0 sweep the hawks, they now the goal is to make historyRepeat itself.

The hawks first-round series 4-2 eliminate the celtics, especially game 6 road win over the green unlined upper garment, it gives them more confidence, their goal is to revenge the cavaliers.”Game 6 in Boston, let myself not only, also let our team a big step forward.”Basil Moore said, “I don’t think there are a lot of people will think we can end the series in Boston, they made a lot of trouble to us. For us, further before moving in the right direction.”

Recommend the knight to 7.5 points.

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