Recommended – the spurs VS thunder w88NBA matches

09:30 on May 3, the two sides are expected to start in 2016, SAN Antonio: parker, Danny green, Leonard, adebayor and Duncan;Thunder: less wei, Mr. Robertson, Kevin durant, barca and Adams,

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: the SAN Antonio spurs – 7.5.

Western conference semifinals against the SAN Antonio spurs played fantastic performance at home, the first section 43-20 ringing off the hook up, will always keep a huge advantage, after they end in 124-92 victory over the thunder, now their goalsImpact is big the score 2-0 lead.It is worth mentioning that in the war on 7 4 out of the playoffs, the spurs in popovich era who win the G1, finally has 25 win the series, 4 times before.

In the first game, the spurs to the full 51 of 84 shots, shooting 60.7%, 15 in 9 3-pointers, shooting 60%.Lamarcus aldridge has outstanding performance, he brushed the 38 points, 23 18 of mobile warfare.Leonard’s performance is very good, in their first match in 21 minutes, 10 of 13 shots scored 25 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists.valueHave to mention is that the spurs in the playoffs the past 32 years history, no one in the shooting more than 75% at the same time also to get the data of 25 + 5 + 5.Leonard in today’s more, in the case of dunk after leg seemed a bit hurt, but he said he didn’t matter.The thunder Adams has said, in the next team will be a good limiting Leonard’s play.

The thunder to the mobile warfare of the first game in 35 of 85 shots, shooting 41.2%, 6 3-pointers and only 23.Durant 16 points, only six of 15 shots, Wisconsin brooke shot 5, 19 only 14 points.The spurs playersBelieve that in the next game, the thunder also launched a counterattack.32 points defeat Donovan is the biggest defeat in the 17 years of his career, but boss Donovan believe that a defeat will not affect the team’s confidence, he said, “I don’t feel completely faltered confidence in this team.”

Recommend a rage refusal under 7.5 points wins.

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