Recommended – w88NBA matches the raptors VS Miami heat

On May 4, 2016 08:00 is expected to start on both sides: the raptors: lowry, demar derozan, patterson, tile LanQiu nasri, carol;Heat: wade, deng, ji, Della whiteside, Joe – Johnson,

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Toronto – 4.5.

The heat and the raptors were tiebreak battle just promotion, both teams experienced death trial, are also more deeply understand the cruelty of the playoffs, according to statistics, the raptors are the top two scorers in the second team in NBA historyShooting below 33%, but to win the series, led to demar derozan and lowry both dumb fire is an important reason of Paul, George and George hill, combined with excellent defense, now, into the semi-final, the Miami heat want to qualify, restrict the raptors double gun remains number one task, wade and ji build backcourt Della combination can effectively curb the raptors double gun attack?This will be a series to watch.

The raptors in Toronto, tie-break thrilling promotion finally let people breathed a sigh of relief, but the second round face experienced the heat is still a battle, I’m afraid.The raptors the biggest problem with dual-core totalIs habitually playoff misfiring, lowry + demar derozan, again into “junk brothers” in the playoffs, demar derozan shooting only 31.9%, only 16.7% from beyond the arc injured lowry has to hand over more dismal 31.6% and 16.3%.In the name of the team depends on double gun attack, in fact more reliant on tough defense and substitute.Playoff experience rich Joseph is more like a team organizers, Powell + Ross to ensure the front position defense of sustainability, Paterson also can fire inside and outside, disrupt the opponent’s defense.

The heat in the first round of good in a 2-0 leadSituation is the final three games, no doubt, saw the weakness: the heat cannot be sped up.When the hornets with Jeremy + Ken Barnes – the combination of the walker, defensive rotations are often blunt collapse, although with Joe Johnson and josh Richardson two perimeter scorer, but three is the lowest points out several teams in the playoffs, the hornets wall area, put a jumper strategy may continue to be the raptors in use.Whiteside this point, the key of the heat can win in the first round of the raptors shot so low, because the team crazy grabbed offensive rebounds to ensure the chance of a second, second round whiteside in tile LanQiu nasri and than ever and bo can under the twin towersNo play, still continue to block the deterrence and strengthen prevention is very important.

Recommend the heat refusal under 4.5 points wins.

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