W88 recommendations from the European champions league tournament – bayern Munich VS atletico Madrid

On May 4, 2016 02:45 the two sides are expected to start: bayern: neuer, lahm, martinez, small boateng, Allah, vidal, tiago alcantara, costa, muller, franck ribery, lai wan, more;Atletico Madrid: Mr. Black, Juan Francisco moreno fuertes, Jimenez, godin, felipe, gaby, augusto, kirk, Mr Ulrich, lattice boltzmann, torres,

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: bayern Munich – 1 ball.

Bayern Munich in the champions league semi-final firstClose game 1-0 defeat to atletico Madrid on road, whether it is or for transfers-will team performance after the game was a question.Replace muller starting tiago didn’t bring advantages to the bayern Munich midfielder, instead affects the efficiency of the offense, and replace franck ribery played young Ronald koeman in fight alone too much, little contribution to the team, side lost to atletico Madrid after pressing force, middle road alone few chances were created, more levante, match by atletico Madrid instead that those successful, so the final defeat bayern Munich also belongs to the sense, if the team is working well, and get an away goal may be the most ideal results.

What is certain is that in the allianz arena, bayern Munich will occupy the overwhelming superiority in the ball time, while atletico Madrid will be under the premise of solid defensively to play back, this has to do with a week before the first leg of the game won’t be any different.However, while atletico Madrid can beat Barcelona in the uefa champions league quarter-final, however the sheets legion in the champions league away games abroad record is not ideal, as long as bayern to high pressure in 90 minutes, and be patient in front of the box, then guardiola’s team is expected to be final.

Atletico Madrid in the first leg 1-0 home rickBayern, this time at the allianz arena, the sheets legion eager to final.In the weekend in la liga, lattice boltzmann scored again, this is very critical for atletico Madrid;In addition, including augusto fernandez, felipe – ur, several players got a degree of rotation, they will be arrived in Munich with abundant energy.

Recommend atletico refusal under 1 ball games.

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