Recommended warrior VS matches the rockets

On April 28, 2016, at 10:30 the two sides are expected to start: warrior: Andrew bogut, German Raymond – green, harrison Barnes, Thompson, livingston;Rocket: Howard, morty Mr Yunus, trevor ariza, harden, Beverly hills

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: warrior – 9 points.

On Thursday morning, the NBA playoffs continue to fight for, the warriors will return to home for the challenges of the rocket.This is the series 5, the mighty current total score 3 to 1 lead, and from the previous 4 timesHand, the warriors an optimal, the overall strength significantly and this shop again at home, the warriors of course is worth.

Warriors last round in the case of garage limped off injured again hit crazy ball pattern, the team match high score 121 points, Thompson and iguodala 45 points to help the team win against the rockets, that they will continue to do our best to back home, lest the night long dream more.For the last two home in the face of the rocket, the mighty are made a relatively easy victory, meet each other in a loose defense, the team’s perimeter offense well continue, despite the garage is still not the gameTeam play, but a flood of attack will at home under the imposing manner of streaming play more to do.

The rockets now have no retreat, in the other the lack of garage under the condition of the rocket overall defense did not like the G3 efficient over there, once again, the team’s perimeter defense exposed problems, giving up 121 points is a microcosm in defense of the season, they harden a get two pairs, but was only 4 of the 13 performance is not satisfactory, they never let Howard as a center of gravity to play the game, the previous round of warcraft 9 7 performance had 19 points and 15 rebounds should getAgainst oracle arena that praise, this time, the team to win the confidence of the obviously insufficient, the game team with WeiBei Foley will hurt, but trevor ariza and motel yunus, have no a stable reckoning, the rockets easily reflected in the series, but compared with the warriors, they lack integrity.

Recommend the rockets have nine points wins.

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