W88 recommendations from the European champions league league tournament atletico Madrid VS bayern Munich

02:45 on April 28, 2016 the two sides are expected to start: atletico Madrid: Mr. Black, Juan Francisco moreno fuertes, Lucas, Jimenez, felipe, cork, gaby, Mr Wu, 6:00 PM, fernando torres, Glenn boltzmann;Bayern Munich: ilse, lahm, martinez, ino nowitzki mickey, Allah, xabi alonso, Douglas costa, vidal, tiago, Thomas muller, lai wan,

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: bayern Munich – 0-0.5.

Over the past seven times in the champions league knockout road, never win, bayern Munich this awkward for the bundesliga giants.This time in the face of powerful atletico Madrid, if the road or badly, back to allianz, they will be pressure, over the past two seasons, they two semi-final to Spain, all lost, for pep guardiola and his team, they hope to be able to verify the correctness of the “three”.

Over the past four in the champions league semi-final, atletico Madrid have never lost at home, reached a record three wins and a draw, but in the past at five times the bundesliga side, atletico Madrid alsoNever lose, record is 4 wins and a draw, actually the past 7 times against the bundesliga side.It is worth mentioning that in the past six knockout, a bundesliga team, atletico have won, the huge psychological advantage for them.

Besides the seriously injured arjen robben, bayern’s attack other players is no injuries, the basic feature in Madrid, bayern could send a powerful attack group, lai wan up front and behind him, franck ribery, muller, costa are extremely threat, not to mention the recent good vidal.Even personnel not entire defence against Juventus and benfica than have to ascend, central midfieldersSome more reassuring, kimi and martinez, two wings, and Allah is proving inconclusive.

Recommend the bayern let the flat side wins.

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