W88 casino Europe VS real Madrid champions league Manchester city

On April 27, 2016, 02:45 the two sides are expected to start: Manchester city: hart, sagna, the tower door di, kompany, clichy, fernando, fernand dinho, nawaz, DE, silva, aguero in brow;Real Madrid: navas, oaxaca, pepe and sergio ramos, marcelo, luka modric, card miro, cross, bear cristiano ronaldo, benzema,

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: real Madrid – 0-0.5.

In the history of the big three European cup, real Madrid and mannCity after just two meetings.2012-2013 season in the champions league group stage, real Madrid and Manchester city in a group.Real Madrid beat Manchester city home 3-2 in the first leg of the two teams were 1-1 draw.Spanish giants real Madrid as the champions league winner, 10 times the premier upstart Manchester city is the semi-finals for the first time, two team players, game attract eyeball.

The wind has been at Manchester city in the near future, 4 ball after sweeping stoke at home last weekend and team in seven games unbeaten record of five wins and two draws, the champions league quarter-final elimination Paris st germain, Manchester city into the champions league semi-finals for the first time in history, led the teamImproved greatly with gas, last summer, and the price is introduced in the Belgian midfielder’s brow, superb form after return from injury, the team in the champions league qualifying campaign contributions to the important strength, coupled with the injury of the Stirling, yaya toure and others better, under the condition of the current midfield personnel neat, Manchester city have the confidence to break the gate of real Madrid.

Since zinedine zidane took office, the performance of the real Madrid will get, at the weekend in the case of two goals behind strong reverse valle cano, but also highlights the team full of toughness, take charge of the core cristiano ronaldo this season in the champions league still state, has now scored 16 grain intoBall, full of hope to break his own two years ago to create a single season in the champions league scoring record, coupled with the main striker karim benzema has no matter, can play the game, the champions league is far less than the real Madrid city rich experience, natural won’t give in easily.

Let the flat side wins recommended real Madrid.

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