W88 casino super brings three strategy power gains must big prize

Super brings on lucrative bonuses and novel way of supplementary betting, has been attracting the attention of many punters.And the grand prize in the lottery game, but also ignited the enthusiasm of the punters.Bonuses while tempting, however, how to devote to more on?Along with the small make up take a look at super brings “three big strategies”!

Strategy a: determine the scope of the number is more important than pick

Super brings many punters think, winning by luck, actually, reasonable use of betting and pick skills alsoIs the way to increase the winning probability.

Along with the increase in the lottery number, super brings the rule of historical data also gradually revealed.Trend analysis number is the key, the mainstream is “broken zone method”, and “7 area 5 column” in the most common, and the area before 35 number is divided into seven regions.According to statistics, each issue will be 1 ~ 3 fault zone, punters can according to your own experience pick out break area, so it can be “35 choose 5″ into “30 choose 5″, “25 choose 5″ or even “20 selected five”, greatly narrowed the scope of pick.Finally, combining with duplicate, partition numberAnd even number, with the tail to pick, further improve the chance.

Sometimes, determine the scope of the pick is much more important than the chosen number, scope, pick in certain scope, it will be less complicated.

Strategy 2: choose to suit his way of betting

At present many punters measuring level is very unusual, often can catch the area before the two or three number, but also often miss out on these awards.For such types, we suggest that they were trying to braveryThe bet method.Bile yards and pulling the code number is mainly according to individual economic level and measurement level.Ordinary investors bile code with 2, 3 for the number of the most economical, can increase the bet amount, less much colour will reduce bonus.After area number should not be set more, general with number 3 is the best.Investment amount is not big, this method less kill pain, it’s worth a try.

, of course, not every player has the ability to seize bile code, there are some punters, bile code often choose the wrong, but not much confidence of deputy code actually repeatedly hit, with such a power, do not prevent try “combination of hot and cold”Double chosen. According to the first personal financial conditions to determine their own compound pick number, it was divided and half cold, hot, half possible alternative again several temperature. Also some punters, perseverance, such punters are suitable to keep betting, hold a set of Numbers is not relaxed, may be more effective than choose to choose to.

Strategy 3: don’t be stingy “1 yuan” more

In the super brings, don’t underestimate the role of “1 yuan”.Additional betting is super brings unique way of betting, is simply the2 yuan, on the basis of basic bets, punters add 1 dollar for additional bets, earnings will likely increase by 60%.Additional bets in assaying the fineness of the effective promotion bonus way of betting, has made many of the winning lottery players feel its power.Usually get into the habit of playing a note 3 yuan lottery, feel good and appropriate times, is to make the punters bonuses do an important magic weapon.

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