W88 casino uefa champions league quarter-final – atletico Madrid VS Barcelona

02:45 on April 14, , 2016Atletico Madrid VS Barcelona in The two sides are expected to start: Atletico Madrid: Mr Black, Juan Francisco moreno fuertes, hernandez, godin, felipe Louis ur, gaby, cork, Gerry boltzmann, Mr Correa, 6:00 PM;Barcelona: Bravo.Alves, javier mascherano, Gerard pique, alba;Iniesta and busquets, Kitty’s;Omar, suarez, Lionel messi.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Barcelona – 0-0.5.

Atletico Madrid and Barcelona will have the fourth time this season.Although all ended in Barcelona won three times before, but this is the most important thing a bout, it not only relates to the honor of the two teams, but also the only chance of promotion to the champions league semi-finals.Experience several exchanges, the two teams who have been without any reservations, both sides will do their best to exert their own specialty to race toward a favorableDirection.

Seven consecutive defeat to Barcelona, this season first three are all under the condition of the first goal was reversed, only can let the atletico Madrid since simone took over continuous lock only Barcelona.The second leg of their champions league last eight games against atletico Madrid, will be at the calderon stadium in the key of the first world war, the first leg behind the requirements of 1-2 they must win at home, the success of guard trident before simone and his defensive sluice is the most serious topic.Jimenez isn’t sure whether to play, but Lucas has won the trust of the team.The offensive end simone also to makeAdjustment, because fernando torres is suspended, Gerry fayyad’s side of the partner will become card lasker or crea.Of course there is also a problem, that is, two people together.

Defeat to real Madrid have Barcelona was very unhappy, did not think of the weekend they once again lose, lost to the royal society not only the atletico Madrid and real Madrid champions league dream resurgence, but also in gave barca a tremendous psychological pressure.Enrique team currently have to do is, with all my heart in preparation for the champions league second leg with atletico Madrid, but after losing two league games they can also don’t worthy of attention.Barcelona, the key lies in the away goal that followThe full play of the trident has a direct relationship.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended Barcelona let the flat side wins the game.

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