W88 recommended: England’s premier league matches at bournemouth v Liverpool

On April 17, 2016, manner of the two sides are expected to start: bournemouth: bo rushton, Francis, el fick, cook, daniels, Ritchie, gus, shulman, Gerard, Wilson, Lin about ShuYa – gold;Liverpool: he lai, klein, skrtel, rove, alberto moreno, Joe Allen, Lucas, milner, phil, sturridge, Mr Joe


Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: bournemouth – 0.

Two teams meet only 7 times in history, LeonPu five wins and two draws occupy absolute advantage.In the two sides in the league meet for the first time this season, Liverpool with a bent’s goal’s 1-0 victory over rivals.At a recent meeting between both sides in the league cup, in the same 1-0 Liverpool beat rivals, the goal is defender klein.

Sunday night in the premier league rounds of drama is connected, 34, bournemouth will host visiting Liverpool, in bournemouth on the round from vice President villa to make three points, now in the premiership on 13th, 13 points above the relegation zone, in a secure location, up and down and bournemouth’s six games recentlyOne of the best team in the premier league, which were harvested during the 12 points, only the leicester city, Swansea and Liverpool’s premier league status is better than them, this game could borrow challenge for Liverpool at home of;

In Liverpool in midweek champions league cup with the bundesliga giants borussia Dortmund on a life and death duel, the team in the case of two goals behind a reversal, eventually 5-4 on aggregate after successfully eliminated borussia Dortmund’s progress, the team has boosted the morale, but Liverpool are a terrible price for this reversal, midfielder emre – zhan was injured in the game, needs to takeFour to six weeks, captain Henderson and striker darren bent g is still injured, and the team has just had a focus wars, physical aspect or affected.

Recommend Liverpool draw plate.

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