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On April 17, 2016, at the two sides are expected to start: Juventus: gianluigi buffon, barzagli, Mr, California, said Della lu, khedira, claudio marchisio, pogba, evra, mann Zhu Jiji, Mr Barak;Palermo: sorrentino, luna, gonzalez, angell yanukovich, lazar, mark, yaya, Joe, was found dead, the brookings sigman, alberto gilardino, vazquez,

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Juventus – 2 ball.

Juventus and Palermo recentlyIn 83, the race meeting in 54 times, Juventus have 32-12 flat 10, the two sides in recent 10 meetings, Juventus have seven. At home, in the recent five Juventus obtain 3-2, Juventus last had Palermo is re-scheduled week 14 rounds of the season, Juventus 3-0 defeat opponents.

The bianconeri currently with 76 points, a second napoli six points lead lead in the championship, the Naples will and inter milan, Juventus if get home league 7 wins in a row is expected to increase leading edge.Juventus and PalermoExchanges 53 times in serie a history, juve 32-11-10, the upper hand, recent 7 times not only all win against Juventus, is a lost ball.Current status is not very ideal, Palermo in the league 11 league games in a row, the Juventus want to win at home should not be a problem.

Due to the poor record in the crazy President maurizio zamparini has once again announced the change, barak is believed to have to return to Sicily.Barak is believed to have coached Palermo at the end of the season, but in January by maurizio zamparini the sack, but after three months, he again become a club coach, the game, he will repeat offendersAfter the “debut”.

Recommend Juventus let two goals wins.

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