Recommended – pelican VS w88NBA matches the sun

07:05 04 October, 2016, The pelican VS the sunThe two sides are expected to start: Pelican: The Turkish, arkin, ennis, Cunningham, Douglas;Sun: Chandler, price, tucker, Lynn, booker.

The game best western sports datakeeping: sun – 1.5 points.


it is two teams this season regular season 4 times, the sun in the two teams in the past three meetings only 1 win 2 defeats of achievements, it is worth noting a recent meet the sun or won 16 points, keeping the visitors the sun more worthy.

Pelican on battle just to war with the lakers at home, keeping the continuous operations, the pelican has clearly lost several minutes on physical fitness, pelican satisfied his injured this season, the team take charge of Anthony Davis and tyreke Evans, Eric Gordon, zhu – Horace mann di, Ann – Anderson and Norris cole in the all the midfielder suffered injuries, there are manyKey is the season, after in the presence of these per capita pelicans have big lost to the sun, it can only be residual matrix with the pelican is unable to defend her at home.

Battle at the Toyota center on the sun beat the other team rocket, southwest division team out of the downturn of losing streak, the team morale encouraged, the rocket attack not good defence fight face, as the sun is very good use of weak opponents defence to play attacking team scored 124 points, from as many as 31 assists it serves to show the sun cooperates the tacit understanding, the lack of it rivals because of the physical will exist great defensive vulnerability, the sun can get itThe fluency of the battle against the rockets team cooperate to shoot down the opponent, believe that the sun was the odds are quite big.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: 1.5 pelican recommend accepting the game wins.

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