W88.com focuses on optimal DE W88 】 【 : Barcelona a substitute to be reckoned with

The Spanish football league focus between Barcelona VS Deportivo la coruna,

Optimal DE ,W88 Western sports, The Spanish finish perspective: Beijing time on May 24, 2015 0 a.m. in the morning on Sunday, west yet 38 focus war games, Barcelona at home against deportivo la coruna, Barcelona can win goodbye Harvey?

On the wheel with the striker Lionel messi scored 1 of 3-2, Barcelona away 1-0 final victory strong atletico Madrid, so as to advance 1 round won league titles, and this is what they regain the league championship trophy after one season.Although Barcelona next focus is placed on the Spanish cup and the champions league finalGames to achieve three crown Wang Weiye, coach enrique will be sent in this round of league squad.The game for Barcelona do not have any significance of the competitive level, in this case, as a top star Lionel messi may not be necessary.However, messi play strong, as long as the body conditions allow, he hopes to home games starting in Barcelona.Therefore, although the game is not important, but messi is still to start.However, playing a full game messi is unlikely, but his good partner suarez in front, omar is expected to dwell in.

Deportivo la coruna on round league on defender lupuAnd midfielder m. zaun flange on each 1 ball in the second half, at home to help the team, the only two goals levante, thereby to 2 points from serie b area temporarily, the league has become their grade can protect the key to the season, the team fighting spirit strong degree is needless to speak.But deportivo la coruna round opponent will be the league champions Barcelona, while the latter will overhaul the current squad, but also do not have the full confidence in the team points even vie the Barcelona at home, you know they nearly nine times no 1 win against Barcelona lost as many as seven games, games at home this season the first cycle was Lionel messi scored three yuan, and ultimately to four goalsThe defeat to Barcelona.

On both sides of 10 times, seven wins and two draws in Barcelona.

Optimal DE ,W88 Western sports Asian dishes out: Barcelona at home to make 2 ball high water location

Optimal DE ,W88 The gameIn recent : This season at deportivo la coruna also not trustworthy, they before 18Wheel at only 2Victory, leading scorer Lucas in The & # 8211;Skin rees now 5In a league goal is only 1An away goal, so weak offensive firepower this really hard against Barcelona.So the game recommended Barcelona 2The ball, is expected to score 3-0 Or 4 – 1.

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