Recommended – the rockets vs. the Los Angeles lakers w88NBA matches

04 03:35 month 11, in 2016Rockets versus the lakers’ The two sides are expected to start: The rockets, : summer, Beverly, ai sand column, wheat Dennis, di wei hou to live;The lakers’ : m. boots das, d. Russell, koc minister, rando, dial

The game best western sports datakeeping: rocket- 14 points.

It is a routine sadie meetings two teams this season, the lakers in the past three words in the face of the rockets are swallowed defeat, it away again war Nemesis, power co., LTD. The lakers still not escape the fate of the lost.

The rockets now 38 wins in 41, ranked ninth in the west and with jazz only 8 games, in the remaining three premiership games of the season, especially the key;But the team’s recent performance is not ideal, the previous round at home in the face of weaker SUNS, finally unexpectedly shock loss under deep dish, lost the chance to match the jazz, and the war team has home of facing challenges are realGenerally the lakers will inevitably to vie.

The lakers this season only 16 victory, at the bottom position, the lakers have locking west 1 ranking from bottom, side more or to kobe for the rest of the curtain call of acting as the focal point, the team to victory and not too strong demand, at present the los and injury problems, but the battle is still on the road to getting a pelican a full, so the lakers squad of the weak, since the season the lakers visit only five games victory, and the team on the road is averaging 12.2 points to, at work so badly the lakers visit should not be highEstimates.

Optimal DE ,W88Western sports remind: the game recommend the rockets to a 14Points wins.

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