W88.com recommended – NBA matches the spurs VS warrior

04, 2016 11 07:05 spurs VS warrior The two sides are expected to start: the SAN Antonio spurs: Danny, even and odd cloud Martin, bond with wes, David, horse product slave domain;Warrior: Stephen Curie, keeley Thomson, Raymond even, h. bennis, ai riches.

The game best western sports datakeeping: the SAN Antonio spurs – 5.5 points.

Native regular season 4 meetings it was two teams, the spurs in the past three times against the warriors made only 1 win 2 defeats, dip it in the home game against warriors, the spurs swear up and down to try one backThe city.

The spurs lost nearly two battle in successive away, one is lost to the warriors, it returned to the home, physical fully recover the spurs battle force will soar, although this season are slightly inferior to the warriors, but the spurs are the only team that remain unbeaten in the league, powerful, its home games against continuous against the warriors, the spurs clear advantage in the physical, if the team can give full play to the characteristics of the wheel war, try to keep more than squad rotation mode of operation, the spurs will bring down the warriors at home.

A strong warrior on a small reverse grizzlies narrowly 1 minute, to do this, the teamAlways record has reached the 71 horror -, draw the bulls record only 1 field, but it is worth mentioning that the warriors has made the road 33 victories this season, match the bulls 1995-96 season to keep one season the best record in the road.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game to recommend the spurs to 5.5 points.

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