W88.com recommended – marseille, France’s serie a matches VS bordeaux

April 11, 2016 bordeaux 03:00 marseille v the two sides are expected to start: marcel: Steven Fletcher, Sam, card bailey, Shao Weien bedad, lars – lassana diarra, mann kratos, Dana lengkeek, Dana lengkeek, mandan, lack of imagination;Waley, didace DE bordeaux: kerry, Adam, Tours, plasil, Yang berea, Ken vines, and the broad, gilbert, jorge – Bohr, pryor,

The game best western sports datakeeping: marseille – 0.5 – the ball.

In the past 10 meeting between the two, both sides take 3-4-3 record not to call, but a recent meet both sides a dead heat to within 1-1.Bordeaux, although a game to beat rivals in Monaco, but did not get the data very empty, especially at adverse performance, marseille was unbeaten rate is very high, it was favored is expected to add a win.

Marseilles is temporary 39 points ranked 13th, with their next season’s champions league qualification has been drifting away.It is worth mentioning that the team away record can be high on 4, but the home record is a mess16, 1 in ligue 1 home only 15 points in the penultimate league.

Bordeaux are 42 points ranked 12th, in the position of the ceases to beg.It is worth mentioning that the guest war plagued bordeaux, among them away in the first 16 games this season and only won a total of 3 games, and the team recently lost two away to play three times.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended marseille to 0.5 the game ball.

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