W88 England’s serie a – in southend VS Sheffield united

02:45 March 31, , 2016Southend VS Sheffield united The two sides are expected to start: Southend: Root weiler, Thompson’s, prologis, Germany MiTeLu, Lawrence, Penn, ward voss, macleod, barnett, hunter green;Sheffield united: Lang, each blessing, Collins, Edgar, Sam, and Hammond, WolfeGermany, take an examination of tesla, sharp, salmon.

Optimal DE western sports starting grids, Sheffield united – 0-0.5.

Two teams with 55 currently busy place league middle, south allianz no. 13, playing at rochdale, swept by rival 4-1, recent performance is not ideal, in addition to win at barnsley, nearly 6 foot 3 games draw with two games, in accordance with the state of shock play-off a forlorn hope.Play at Sheffield united recently improved, victory over crewe, nearly four 2 win tooPing 1 record, if recent state has continued, still have a glimmer of hope into the play-offs, team this season is still trapped in a side entrance of the old problems, or would be adverse to the team.

Southend recent status, the whole team performance is not good, the round of the league was a guest at the challenge of rochdale routed the line they are rivals, road 1:4 loses in the end.Only won one of six league recently.But the team did well after, at present in certain in 13th.
Sheffield united at home good recently, has defeated the oldham and crewe,But from general, the team has no chance of winning streaks.Table and Southampton in conjunction with their 55 points, because the goal difference advantage was ranked 11th.Theory of team strength, the road of the blades is not under southend, but the performance of the blades of the season really lack of stability, especially on the road, the team’s last four road 1 minus 3.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended southend accepting flat side wins.

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