Recommended – w88NBA matches the raptors VS thunder

On March 29, 2016 07:30 is expected to start on both sides: the raptors: lowry, demar derozan, Johnson, scola, Mr Varin jonas kazlauskas;Thunder: Russell westbrook, Robertson, Kevin durant, the barca, Adams,

Optimal DE western sports sports datakeeping: thunder – three points.

Thunder is unlikely to catch up with the SAN Antonio spurs, but want the clippers to catch up with, is not easy.7 wins in a row the visitors the current record of 51-22, 5.5 games ahead of the clippers.Left in the regular seasonA few cases, if not too big surprise, basic will thunder in the west, the playoffs.It was two teams this season regular season 2 meetings, thunder season once at home by the raptors, keeping away to fight again, the momentum is fierce thunder is expected to be back towards the city.

The raptors on the pelican battle victory on the road, the team out of the downturn of losing streak, encouraged the team morale, the battle in the face of pelican squad is incomplete, the raptors played quite easily, there’re a total of seven league players scored in double figures, the whole team offensive tacit cooperation, the hit ratio is more than 5, paired rebounding protection consciousness is also quite high, home victory finally, a friendly against strong thunder, more want to take out the raptors on battle this heavy attack guard team play against the enemy.

Thunder recently had 7 wins in a row, and margin points in double, state of the team is very good, in this wave of winning streak, the thunder can be scored 117 points, its firepower fierce is self-evident, and the team lose points only 100 points, the team defense also deserves credit, at present this thunder team didn’t have any injuries, team to defeat the array are available in numerous, and the core player status, proving are reassuring, if it can keep recent standards, thunder road to takeHope is not small.

Recommend a rage make three points.

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