W88 recommended – Ukraine VS wales international friendly matches

Of 2:00 on March 29, the two sides are expected to start in 2016, Ukraine: boycott, PuDiFu rousseff, feldstein hail, libraries, cher, shefrin cukor, stern in pan, add marsh, ruslan rotan, gusev, MoLunKe, ZuoZu;Wales: hennessey, Matthews, Chester, gantt, Williams, Lawrence, ridley, vaughn, Mr Grove, walkers, walcott April

Optimal DE western sports starting grids, Ukraine – 0.5-1 ball.

Ukraine and walesHave a lot of similarities, both teams in qualifying times zero rivals, attack on the antithesis and fast counter-attack, playing style determines their main give priority to in order to limit the opponent and to fight back, effeteness also makes itself is not a lot of goals.Ukraine’s done well in recent years, European club and national team performance is stable, so they can stay at home with great efforts to let the ball.Wales while having star aura and high world ranking, but in the face of power general team when the way is not much, Israel away even in the face of small role will be in the position, combined with the image of the previous team hard to s쳮d and a lack ofDominant performance, makes the dish did not view the welsh positioning for the European teams in a line.

Ukraine in the midweek friendly home a goal of Cyprus, recent 9 home game 6 win 2 draw 1 negative results, there are five games during zero rivals, defensive ability, in the euro 2016 finals after qualification, the training is not in the Ukraine too many newcomers, manager is more to running in the existing squad, the main center ZuoZu out of long-term injuries, but from the point of the midweek game, the striker also need some time to come back, just 24 years oldBasic game center buji, is expected to get the opportunity, in the face of missing two shelters for wales, Ukraine’s home or confidence based on invincible position.

Wales during last year’s European championship qualifiers, the team won the chance to compete in the European cup finals for the first time in history, bell and Ramsey two players, wales group scored 11 goals in total, they arranged for one of the nine goals, but before the training, the football association of wales has struck a deal with real Madrid, bear not to take part in the two friendly matches, but Ramsey was out injured, with their absence to walesTo the influence of the obvious, at home and neighboring Northern Ireland difficult midweek draw, wales gate just rely on penalty to knock on rivals, this time on the road against Ukraine, team wants to win is difficult.

Recommend wales has half a ball games.

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