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Would March 31, , 2016The lakers VS The two sides are expected to start the lakers VS the heat: The Los Angeles lakers: Clarkson, Williams, kobe Bryant, Randall, Hilbert;The heat: DE la ji, dwyane wade, Johnson, deng, amare stoudemire,

The game best western sports datakeeping: heat – 10 points.The

The lakers current record of 15-59 negative, the team is experiencing a wave of 4 in a row.A game against the jazz, zijin corps in a 75-123 rout, Bryant he shot only 1 of 11.At the same time, the game also flat zijin corps team history the biggest loss record.At the same time for the lakers, the distance to the historical worst record, only one step away.Only a single season in 57-58 season, the lakers won 19 games, this means that in the remaining eight games, zijin corps need to win one of the five games, to avoid a team s worst.Just for this lakers team now, talking about whatEasy.

Heat the current record of 43-30 negative, eastern ranked fourth, but they are only 0.5 games leading the celtics with the hornets, behind the eagle one wins, the situation is very delicate.They to a 110-99 victory over the nets, the game wade, he shot 14, 19 to 30 points, this also is the heat in the past 11 wins in 15 games.
In the history of both sides between 55 in total, of which the lakers won 30 games, lost 25.The heat have won in the past seven meetings.In the past 12 meetings at the same time, the heat also wonOne of the 11 times.The two sides for the first time this season, Miami to a 101-88 victory over the lakers.Again, this time, the strength state clearly in the upper hand of the heat is expected to be away from the road victory.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended heat for 10 points wins the game.

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