Recommended – warrior VS w88 casinoNBA matches the wizards

In 2016, at 10:30 on March 30, Warrior VS The two sides are expected to start: Warrior: Garage, Andrew bogut, Thompson, Barnes, green;The wizards: Theo, bill, potter, nene, gortat.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: warrior – 13 points.

The wizards areTo 36-37, the record in the west just can be qualified for the playoffs, but firmly into the ninth place in the east.They now 2.5 games behind the piston, the situation is at stake.In this case, the wizards after every game must be desperately.But the wizards in oracle center win, talk easy.Warriors 117-117 win 117, recently got four wins, including 53 consecutive wins, including 35 consecutive wins this season.If can win the wizards in the game, the warriors would match record last season.

Warriors now for 66-7Scores ranked high on the top league, the team at home but also wins in the achievements, the warriors home power is very strong, the garage can be led the league’s 30 points, before a game against the wizards is guaranteed to 51 points score, and clay – Thompson, feel is good, recently, Raymond – is a green take three pairs, the team under the guidance of the three core players remain highly competitive state, pressed against the wizards of average power and win at home to should be brave.

The wizards battle in the win over the lakers, the team out of the downturn of losing streak, encouraged the team morale, but thisStill cannot hide the fact that the overall strength of lot wizards, winning percentage is less than 5 wizards into this season, the team ranked 10th in the east, the wizards to squeeze into the playoffs difficulty is not small, compared with the warriors, the wizards fire significantly inferior this season, the team is scoring less than rivals with 12 points, and the lost part with rival, team battle efficiency is not equal of warriors, it challenges the young warrior, even run the wizards coming here.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the warriors to 13 points wins the game.

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