W88 optimal DE w88 recommend courteous, 66 yuan cash prize

Recommend your friends to join the optimal DE W88, immediately get recommend gift gift of $66.Every successful recommend 3 people, will get an extra 100 yuan bonus, recommend the more the more you get an extra bonus.

Optimal DE W88, honourable members to provide a full range of online entertainment, sports betting, now the main products of the real casino, poker, slot machine game, happiness and joy through.Mobile phones web version, android version has been launched.For the feedback you have support for optimal DE W88, introduced the “recommend courteous, 66 yuan cash” activity.

After each member login optimal DE W88 account, as the chart, the mouse floating are marked on the home page, click “recommend courteous”, enter the activity page.

Each member can find a recommended links in the individual account, and are free to edit the recommendation, sent via email or other form of communication to all friends.In the email will contain only belong to your recommended links, through this link to register the member will be regarded as you recommended.

Would you recommend friends, Must be sent via your link to register, or void.Within 90 days after successful registration deposit more than 90 yuan, you will immediately get 66 yuan cash gift.

Rules and terms:

  1. All optimal DE W88 active member (point to have a deposit and betting) to participate in the activities of “recommended” polite, only use the renminbi, the dollar, Thai baht, the dong, Malaysian ringgit, Indonesian rupiah, members of the Japanese yen and the Indian rupee.
  2. References must be effective optimal DE W88 active member, had at least one cash deposit and effective game betting record.
  3. Referee’s recommended players must be the first registered in optimal DE W88, new members, and within 90 days from the date of registration of the cumulative deposit 500 yuan of above, references in order to get the corresponding gift.
  4. If referral itself already has one or more optimal DE W88 account, reference about the referral accounts of preferential application will be deemed to be null and void.
  5. When the referee has met the requirement of the qualified, your recommended amounts of up to 66 yuan (every successful references) will be immediately sent to your account.
  6. for reference, when you successfully recommend every 3 people, 100 yuan can get extra reward, the more you recommend member is, the more get extra bonus.
  7. If the referee successfully recommended a friend more than 10 people, you can contact the jv partners, to join our joint program.
  8. We encourage each member to invite friends to, but please note that each member, each and every computer, every address, E-mail address, each phone number, same payment (the same debit/credit card/bank account numberCode/after payment) and the IP address that can only be recommended again.If using a public computer (such as: office, learning, and other public areas) for registration, will not be regarded as a new member.
  9. Referee must obtain the gift of feedback within 60 days bets.
  10. Members to complete the amounts after three times the amount bet, is able to draw.
  11. General terms and conditions and rules applied to this offer.

If you have any questions about activities please contact 24 hours online customer service for support, we will doSincere service for you.

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