Recommended – eagle VS w88NBA matches the raptors

08:05 April 08, 2016, The eagle VS the raptors The two sides are expected to start: The eagle Moore: teague, warren, buzz, Paul milsap, horford;The raptors Lowry, demar derozan, Powell, scola, lance out

The game best western sports datakeeping: the eagle - 6 points.

This season, 3 wins from Toronto to Atlanta, there are two raptors won the double digits.Over the last eight meetings, the raptors have won seven of them, the double-digit wins in five games, advocating singles the raptors is the bane of the eagle point operations team.In two team team in history, however, they met 78 times, the raptors won the winning 36 times.The raptors 39 times challenges on the road the eagle, won 17 times winning percentage fall in the wind, also play away nearly three times the raptors wins.

The eagle is 32 record for 46 victory in the east third, but with the celtics behind himCompetition is fierce, Miami, New Orleans, between the third and sixth only one wins.And the eagle remaining opponent will not be easy, the next second raptors, next is directly to rival the celtics, but also want to go away after challenge knight finally and hears playoff wizards fight again.

The raptors currently ranks the second east, the next two games they will face the eagle could be their second round of the playoffs, and it is a great probability of the indiana pacers will be encountered in the first round.And the raptors conventional three games after the game opponent of the knicks, and 76 people respectivelyWith the nets, schedule makes them easily at the end of the season, there is enough time to get the key players to dwell, tomorrow they can get out to strive for a sweep.

Optimal DE ,W88Western sports remind: the game to recommend the eagle let 6Points wins.

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