Italy’s serie a – bologna VS verona at

02:45 April 05, 2016, Bologna, vsVerona The two sides are expected to start : bologna, : Mr Carey, frost Carrie, rizzo, knot tied, dia navarre, brighi, mullite Mr Ma, eta, starr, and yeah, mirante;Verona : pazzini,, in Galveston di, horse’s, about the tower, WoZuoLei grams, farias, Holland, maura, Pisano, gori.

The game best western sports datakeeping: bologna, 0.5The ball.

Bologna are down, the last two serie a games all life, and has set up a did not win 5 games in a row.Team in the game lost 2-0 away in Atlanta o, both valle and gus dady road late in the gameBoth get red be one by one.Last week from the fa meaning to pour interface bologna boss pays for Tony, European nations cup in the summer after once again took over the Italian national team coach, but the former is to deny that Deng Shuai los Virginia also intends to continue their next season.A pair of ShouJiang valle and gus dady road both suspended;Forward the tees and midfielder dry Stan and ShouJiang Luo Xi tianni all tired often.

Verona hot water level situation, serie a on round again lose, in the home game against card than the battle nursing level rob points in the ratio of 1 to 2, there is still only 19 points.Veteran striker Tony shelling teammates, refers to the central array of playersStandard unworthy of team in the top flight.Verona disabled have striker sonny figure Bernard gomez, ShouJiang roma road sand and Sue bain is injured;Striker than tin need suspension.

In the past 7 meeting between the two, bologna 4 win 1 draw 2 negative slightly has the upper hand, bologna, avoid relegation pressure is not big at present, the recent performance is very general, winning percentage is very limited;Although in theory and the possibility of relegation and verona, but always depressed.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended bologna let the hemisphere.

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