Recommended – w88 Europa quarter-final matches borussia Dortmund v Liverpool

03:05 borussia Dortmund v Liverpool April 08, 2016, Borussia Dortmund in : wei deng ferrer, leather, chuck, pappas tower top luo, meyers, hu shi meltzer, Helene weigel, tower of Beijing erdogan, Fidel castro, mu Yang, Royce, Obama MeiYang;Liverpool’s : he lai, klein, rove, nicolas sarkozy, moreno, emre – jg, Henderson, milner, library moutinho, rana sturridge,

The the game best western sports datakeeping: borussia Dortmund in - 1.The ball.

Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool in the champions league play a total of 3 times in history, grade 1 win 1 draw 1 negative.Through overtime one cup winners’ cup final in 1966, borussia Dortmund 2-1 win over Liverpool.In 2001-02 season in the champions league group stage, borussia Dortmund 0-0 draw against Liverpool at home 2-0 defeat away from home.

Borussia Dortmund’s recent good formAnd each event last 16 games, the hornets have won 14 2 flat, unbeaten in 2016 they have not eaten in the official competition battle, its status and even an edge on the bundesliga bayern Munich in the class.But in the championship, Dortmund still bayern five points behind only ranked second, and the bundesliga rounds is less, while bayern Munich state is very stable, so the 5 points is also the basic Dortmund was determined and the bundesliga champions.In this case the borussia Dortmund naturally want to be able to win the Europa league trophy.This deal from the British Liverpool, they can get a home victory will beVery critical.

Tottenham and Liverpool in the last round of the premier league to the draw, last 3 games all competitions they 2 flat 1 negative results have been achieved.And at present in the premier league table, and they only ranked ninth, the red army want to win next season’s champions league qualification is almost impossible, in this case,

Europa league will be Liverpool’s last lifesaving.Liverpool and although not much, but Liverpool this season, under the guidance of tertiary in slag can often win the battle, so the outcome of the game suspense is a big one.

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