W88 casino in the champions league – Paris saint germain vs Manchester city

02:45 April 7, 2016, Paris st germain VS Manchester city in The two sides are expected to start: Paris st germain: Trapp, maqui mourinho, thiago silva, David lewis, maxwell, misty edie, tiago motta, rabbi OTT, cavani, zlatan ibrahimovic, di maria;Manchester city: Ruben caballero, saba, tower, the tower door, Mr William gallas, cora rove, yaya toure, fernand dinho, Stirling, Germany in the brow, silva, aguero.

The game best western sports datakeeping: Paris st germain – 0.5-1 ball.

Paris saint germain in the lead up to the ligue 1 25 points, team already in ligue 1 champions, this lets them will all concentrate on the champions league.Paris saint germain have qualification to the champions league last eight four seasons in a row, but three seasons before they are out of the last four, among them, 2013And lost to Barcelona in 2015, is eliminated by Chelsea in 2014.And French class bully’s number one striker zlatan ibrahimovic has scored 30 goals in the league this season, and he is also in the champions cup, the round of the champions league is zlatan ibrahimovic’s goal to help the team out for Chelsea.Paris saint germain recent champions league cup 10 home games made seven wins and two draws 1 negative results, lost only loss to Barcelona.

Manchester city last round in the premier league to a resounding 4-0 victory at bournemouth, made a recent game 4 first win of the game, Manchester city are fourth with one point advantage united pressure, the league title hopes, earlyBut for next season’s champions league qualification.Manchester city after the champions cup elimination dynamo Kiev, scored in the champions league cup quarterfinals for the first time in history.After two seasons they have to make, 16 but are blocked by Barcelona in the last eight of the door.But it is worth noting that Manchester city coach Manuel pellegrini to leave at the end of the season, Manchester city as the premier league’s only child, scored eight, the team will put more energy in the champions league.

Paris st germain have locked in advance ligue 1 champions and the champions league debut against the worst bayern Munich, Barcelona in the last four steps hard, although Paris saint, “united, lien chan, the strong, but they could clear the main basicNot too big problem.Compared with Manchester city this season league performance is slightly inferior, this also and the team has a lot to do with injuries, suspicious of people play, it’s hard to sure is able to win.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend Paris st germain for half the game a ball games.

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