Recommended – the mavs VS w88NBA matches the rockets

09:35 April 7, 2016, The mavs VS rocketThe two sides are expected to start: The Dallas mavericks: Baria, Matthews, Anderson, dirk nowitzki, Mr Chu in;Rocket: Beverly, harden, trevor ariza, motel yunus, Howard.

Best western sports datakeeping: the game the rockets – 2.
This seasonHas the two sides met three times, the rockets 2.The rockets are two recent visit Dallas won the ball, in the recent eight games between the two teams, the rockets to win six games.Since January 18, 1997 – March 25, 1999, the rockets haven’t beat the mavericks 3 times on the road.

The mavs bottoming out recently, on a road 4 in a row and the timberwolves, the only current 39-38 for the seventh in the west and Sir Record has been draw, however, still not get rid of the threat, it will certainly to beat at home.

A led in harden beat the rocketsThunder, harden this MAO 41 points, aggressive on both ends, played less double off guard.In spite of this, now the rockets 38 wins 39 negative into 9 in the west and see the playoffs gradually approaching, seats, with the battle for the Houston rockets have not lax, the Texas game have to win the civil war.Up and down all the team fighting spirit, in order to the playoffs the last places to kill.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game to recommend the mavericks have two points.

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