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The W88, WeChat in hand, do know all!Understand the latest development of optimal DE W88, grasp first-hand advice, do know all the latest details.

【 WeChat public platform is introduced and advantages?

1. The first-hand grasp the optimal DE W88 preferential information anytime and anywhere.

2. The optimal DE W88 latest dynamic.

3. Pay attention to WeChat 38 bonus points.

4. Weekly netStanding tweet updates.

5. The selection of the month your favorite best customer service.

6. Site consulting navigation query.

7. Mobile gaming experience.

8. A variety of shortcut to contact customer service for help.(telephone, E-mail, online customer service, etc.),

【 how to focus on how public WeChat and 38 points reward?”

You can scan directly above qr code.The diagram below:


Focus on success.The diagram below:

Focus on optimal DE W88 official WeChat success: W88MKTCN, can get 38 points The reward.To be Send member account To WeChat, integral can be in within 24 hoursAdd for you.This activity is limited to Not for Focus on the members participate WeChat send 38 pointsPlus, please refer to our attention the WeChat account.In the optimal DE rewards club Any items of .

“How to see tweets weekly update website?”

Every Wednesday night small make up sports news and the latest information will be sent to your mobile phone, then you can click to see details.

【 how not to contact customer service can also to query?

【 about optimal DE W88 】 The number 【 1 】 Can query.The diagram below:

The latest information on 】 【 The number (2), Can query.The diagram below:

The hottest preferential 】 The number 【 3 】 Can query.The diagram below:

The platform and products 】 The number [4] Can query.The diagram below:

【 method 】 The number [5] Can query.The diagram below:

The return water details 】 The number 【 6 】 can query.The diagram below:

“Contact us” in The number 【 7 】 Can query.The diagram below:

“Bonus points” and “immediately register 】 The number [8] And the number 【 9 】 Can query.The diagram below:

Return to the home page 】 【 The number [0] -Can query.The diagram below:

How to query the shortcut menu?

Click on the “Customer service center” You can query: [number], [online customer service], [email], [molesting small excellent] .The diagram below:

Click: The hottest preferential 】 You can query: “First deposit”, “betting return water 】, 【 awarding 】, rescue bonuses, tournament 】 【 】.The diagram below:

Click: 【 immediately experience 】 Can query mobile betting sites.The diagram below:

[how to vote to give you the right online customer service?

In the public WeChat platform page, enter "Vote" With the words.The diagram below:

Click on the article: Your favorite online customer service 】 【 .The diagram below:

Find your favorite [The name of the online customer service 】 , click on the name before [dot] button to complete the voting.The diagram below: (warm prompt: per month can only vote once oh ~)

If you have any comments or Suggestions for customer service, can be directly in the below message.Restore Vote [2], You can query the other customer service.The diagram below:

Optimal W88′s growth cannot leave your support and love!We are committed to creating the most top entertainment brand in Asia and the best service, hopeYou a happy in optimal DE W88 game!If you have any question, welcome to contact our 24 hours online customer service!

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