W88.com GPI summer tournament free free to participate in every day!Be the big winner of the chance!

GPI summer zero investment, risk-free, get happy time tournament qualification of choice!

Rules and terms:

Here are free GPI summer tournament details and time arrangement:

Time Registration fee of The management fee of The number of at least The number at mostThe blinds set Starting chip Every day 14:00:00 (Beijing time)free023005 minutesStarting 2000 chipThe top 3 winners will haveQualifying for the tournament GPI summer happy hour 388 yuan.


  • Free GPI summer tournament is open to all players, and top 3 players can advance to the championship summer happy hour 388 yuan.
  • All players can be free to attend the summer tournament.
  • Tournament number is limited, carried out on first come first served basis.
  • Players need to register before kick-off championships.
  • Virtual chips is not cash, can’t draw.The
  • The prize money provided by the GPI sponsorship.
  • The match list updates.
ranking2-910-2728-3637 to 4546-5455-63.64-64.73-73.82-82.109-109.136-136.163-163.244-244. 10%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT 20%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT 30%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT0%HT

GPI championship tickets for

summer happy hour 288 yuan


  • W88 shall have the right to cancel the activity at any time, cancel the qualification of individual or all players.
  • W88 general terms and conditions and rules apply to this offer.



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