W88 England premier league – swindon VS wigan athletic

01:30 on March 26, , 2016Swindon VS wigan athletic, The two sides are expected to start: Swindon: Enwei g o, libraries, and David, rowling, santos, Thompson, post vic, Taylor, Madison, obi-wan card, act;Wigan athletic: Anton, inside page, barnett, jacobson, wade Shute, covey, daniels, Powell, Jacob booth, Davis, GerryLattice.

Optimal DE western sports starting grids, wigan athletic – 0.5 ball.

Serie wigan last season saw once again return to the dawn of the championship, under the guidance of the coach Caldwell, the team with a sharp attack again and again engulfed the opponent’s line, gorgeous attack and stable defensive bared on the data of goals scored in all team third less and lost the ball is the second, the game at the middle ranked swindon, the team is expected to continue to go up directly with a victory agglomeration.

Swindon inLeague one belongs to the unstable molecules, both of the 2010/11 season fall the b’s down and out, also get 2014/15 season’s championship play-off, in general, its strength in league one belongs to a hierarchical level, especially in the past few seasons slowly but surely makes the team has a good ranking, should also make the team got the good result of currently sit four last season.Swindon’s main problem this season on defense, averaging 1.5 goals that the team is currently in no more than 14 on location, at the end of the league with 10 games will, under the situation of the team has been unable to covet again go up fantasy.

to league giants wigan 37 home-country crowd round 18-14-5 league ranked second in direct upgrade area, six points behind the leaders.The league is averaging 1.6 goals this season, currently sit 3 more.On a 1-0 home win good Bradford, nearly 3 win 3 draw six games unbeaten in stable condition.Wigan athletic performance this season, their superb record on the second championship, although the title is difficult, but the team can still ranks the second return to the championship, so the team every game wouldn’t miss will take 3 extension.

Optimal DEW88 western sports remind: recommended swindon refusal under 0.5 goals wins the game.

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