W88 casino kanaike slot tournament strategy (11)

Teamed up with GPI platform, create new concept 3 d slots championships, countries to compete, a period of seven days, participating zero threshold, exceeds ten thousand yuan bonus etc. You win!Join the championship!This game beach bikini!Small make up warm prompt this tournament every single bets on 4.5 yuan for 1 minute, you need to value higher than 0.9 above, can only be for 1 minute.

Rules of interpretation:

Activity time: Wednesday 00:00:00 (Beijing time), ends at 23:59:59 next Tuesday (Beijing time).This time period for a period.

Championship activities page use: click on the “slot tournament” entered the game page.

Each entry in the game, you can be in the home page click 【 immediately games 】 or 【 】 for more information.

Championship status: 【 over 】 for past games, 【 in 】 for this game.

Jump information pageSurface below:

Information page: mainly provide this game related information for you.

Play the game: if you have more than one slot machine game, you can choose any.

List: keep update for you game, 50 points to qualify for the list!Scores for rankings ranking basis, lowest 4.5 yuan per single bets for a score, if you devote to 5 yuan, the single for a score;You bet is 2.5 yuan, the single no score.


Small make up warm heart tip: kanaike slot machines in the game, as the chart, each game of the bottom of the page, 1 = 5 yuan coin, devote to COINS refers to, according to the rules of the game, you bet at least 0.6 COINS, to achieve at least 3 yuan for every single bets, for 1 minute.

Function: such as free rotation, bonus games without effective betting.

Rules and clause: you can refer to the corresponding place prize.Bonus to up to 10 times more water in the kanaike club before withdrawal.


Competition rules:

  1. Kanaike club championships slot machinesStarted in a week00:00:00 (Beijing time), and ends at 23:59:59 next Tuesday (Beijing time).
  2. This activity is suitable for the yuan, dong, Indonesian rupiah and the Thai baht, Malaysian ringgit, south Korean won $registered members.
  3. Each selected slot machinesThe play each are not identical, Specific please refer to the current championship events page.
  4. Entry details and bonus allocation, please refer to each tournament “rules and terms.
  5. Participating member may at any time to refresh the view “list” rankings, by the end of the game’s ranking ranking for bonus distribution.
  6. Tournament based on each single injection effectively betting conversion ranking score are instant, every single score 1 only.For example: the game requires each minimum bet $4.5 for a score, you game betting is 5 yuan, the single for a score, every single only one score.
  7. Match winnings to be up to 10 times more water in the kanaike slot machines club before withdrawal.
  8. Bonuses will be in each issue within 2 working days after the end of the game.
  9. Slot machines in the bonus game, free rotation is made valid by means of the function such as game without betting.
  10. The same tournaments, if many people get the same rank will share share the corresponding bonus.
  11. This activity is bonus by GPI platform and optimal DE project.it8 co-sponsored.
  12. Optimal DE W88 shall have the right at any time to break the rules, qualifying member to cancel, we enjoy the sole and absolute discretion.
  13. Optimal DE W88, general terms and conditions and rules applied to this offer.

More favourable for details, please refer to the entry page, or consulting 24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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