W88.com [optimal DE W88] France football league round of 32, 2015-2016

02:30 on Saturday, Beijing time on April 2nd, will soon celebrate France football league 32, 2015-2016 round, here small make up take you preview event arrangement in advance.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/4/2 (Saturday)02:30Monacobordeaux 2016/4/2 (Saturday)23:00Paris st germainniceThe 2016/4/3 (Sunday)2:00Ajaccio shawSt. dean 2016/4/3 (Sunday)2:00guingampMontpellier, 2016/4/3 (Sunday)2:00Ryanlance 2016/4/3 (Sunday)2:00Toulouse,caen 2016/4/3 (Sunday)2:00troyesangers 2016/4/3 (Sunday)00 PMnanteslille 2016/4/3 (Sunday)23:00bastiamarseille 2016/4/4 (Monday)03:00lorientLyon

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