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At 10:00 on March 24, in 2016The sun VS the lakers’ The two sides are expected to start: Sun: Knight, booker, tucker, alex – Ryan, Roy;The Los Angeles lakers: Rahul, Tasmania, clarkson, kobe Bryant, Randall, siebert.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: sun – 4.5.

The game isThe last games between the two teams this season, Bryant curtain call in phoenix, so he is said to be in the game today.Kobe Bryant in a firm tone of said: “of course, I will play tomorrow.”It is worth mentioning that in two teams in the past four games, Bryant did not play, he had been absent 2 game in phoenix, the last time he played in phoenix, October 30, 2014, he took his 31 points in that game.

The SUNS had just suffered a defeat at home, chandler still limping off because of back spasms, chandler can attend and lakeThe battle ers is uncertain.But considering this is the last game with kobe Bryant, don’t know whether chandler will insist on.Knight, against the lakers last buck has good performance, this time they should have more power, they will show themselves in front of kobe Bryant, they will drive the team to win.

Now the lakers 15 league about 55 second from bottom, the sun at 19 league about 51 fourth from bottom, two teams to win the game desire is noteworthy, according to the rules of the lottery draw, the second to get the probability of the sequence of the first three, respectively is 19.9%,The probability of 18.8% and 17.1%, and the third from bottom is 15.6%, 15.7% and 15.6%.Most importantly, the lakers this summer’s draft picks is the first three protection, if dropped out of the top three, will be 76 people.The penultimate obtain the sequence of the first three total probability of 55.8%, the third is only 46.9%.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the lakers, recommend the transferee 4.5 points wins.

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