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Want to know about koi fortune three periods 3 d slot machines?With small make up together and see it ~

Koi fortune is a 5 axis 10 line of 3 d online slot machine game.”The joker” symbol can replace all the symbols, appear on the axis 2, 3, and/or shaft 4 triggering heavy color, will become a synechia joker axis.Joker pattern appeared in heavy turn sent color mode, will add weight to turn color.

Koi fortune 3 d slots, general law of the frequency of the occurrence and winning, can do a little more daringSpeculated that a few dish first observe the understanding of the features of the game and a period of time.

Played after several rounds of games, found a scroll pattern change can determine a phenomenon, is koi fortune 3 d tiger opportunity has three times: one is to eat stage, then the transition period, the last one is out of the stage, believe that other players like small make up, there might be some criticism, “eat” and “points” is particularly excited, sincerely hope that, can have been a period of “points” point.

Each slot machine game is there will be the threePeriod, what we hope will happen with the reality may not exactly the same.Brocade carp fortune 3 d slots is need to actively face the different periods of the three points, as long as the understanding and grasp, believe that we can profit from it.

Auspicious brocade carp, fortune to immediately log in rotating win awards!

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