W88 focuses on optimal DE w88 】 【 : lebron’s garage The warriors tackled knight to borrow home match point

08:00 warrior VS knight on June 15,
Losing the NBA finals game 4 at home for the cavaliers, knight will visit tomorrow against the golden state warriors.The importance of the heavenly Kings mountain battle it goes without saying that the cavaliers to strive to overcome fatigue factors, lebron led to naturally, they strive to win this game 3-2 lead again.Warriors recover gradually, cole’s madrigal is quite successful, spray brothers at home tomorrow to led, the warriors fight for home win 3-2 finals match point.
Although the cavaliers in the previous three get a 2-1 lead, but the lack ofArmy major general predicament that they consume too much energy, as a result, they suffered a defeat in game 4, they are tied in the total score, home court advantage again go back into the hands of the warriors.Tomorrow’s facing the heavenly Kings mountain battle, the cavaliers have no retreat, they will strive for to win on the road again, lebron’s must take responsibility.
The warriors in the case of 1-2 backwardness actively madrigal, they put iguodala in the starting line-up, it received very good effect, as a result they win win in game 4, the offense also restored the original appearance.Cole after praised the performance of iguodala, believe he tomorrowWill continue to start.For the warriors, iguodala is a very important part of the defence, defence he can continuously put pressure on lebron offense he also can bring no small contribution to the team, tomorrow he wants to continue the play.
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