W88 share understanding of desert treasure slot machines with players

Vast desert containing the mysterious treasures, and now, looking for the legend of jewelry!

Legend, in the boundless desert, the golden sand buried under the endless wealth.Naughty mechanism of monkeys, the tireless work of camel, this a treasure hunt journey interesting.

Fly monty blanket, magic lamp of the legendary treasure one by one.3 d effect of the movement, the gorgeous colour collocation, exotic desert elements, let you immersive experience.

Sweet fruit feast bring you unexpected bonus, feeding monkeys will help you find the treasure box in the oasis, open surprises awards.

Small make up for the slot machines have years of experience, today was one of the players asked, as a new game players also don’t know if some slot machine game now what is the principle of existence.Have to say, small make up in line with the mentality of sharing, understand yourself here on a share, you can make progress together, the hope can help you make money in the slot machine game.


First can share with you, in the process of the game offers unlimited free spin 】 【 reward.If free rotation of three or more than three indiana symbols, will rotate as a trigger for 15 times more free.As for what kind of condition to be able to free rotation opportunities, we can study the scroll on the frequency of the pattern.

The process of the game, there will be a “fruit feast” and “mysterious treasure box” that links the two indiana.Generally the old players to this kind of reward indiana particularly interested in.The first prizeGold game: if fruit feast 】 【 3, 4 or 5 bonus game, according to your choice of 3, 4, or circular plate won the prize.Every round plate of bonus each are not identical, it may have bananas will bring you into the second bonus games.

Second prize game: “mysterious treasure box” take bananas to feed the monkeys will help you find treasure box location in the vast oasis.Choose a place to search for the mysterious treasure box.In this bonus in the game, if 3, 4 or 5 bonus game, win surprise award will be based on your choice.


  • Joker pattern
  • indiana game: fruit feast

  • Rotate it
  • free of charge

  • Bonus game: mysterious treasure box of
  • Full line bet
  • Automatic betting

Presumably you trying several plates of will on the game after game have more understanding and awareness.Login website immediately begin to spin to win bonuses ~

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