W88 casino in the champions league – real Madrid VS Roman

03:45 on March 9, in 2016Real Madrid VS Rome, The two sides are expected to start: Real Madrid: Nawaz, oaxaca, ramos, pepe, marcelo, card plug miro, ismail, J, bell, Mayo lal, Cristiano ronaldo.Roman: si ze, Florence, norrath, ancestral card Norwich, ma di nie, keita, England, saleh, pia niki, salad, dzeko.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: real Madrid – 1.5 – the ball.

Beijing time on March 9, 45 points at 3 in the morning (central European time 8 late 20 45), 2015-16 1/8 season in the champions league final second leg a focus battle, Spanish giants real Madrid at home against serie a giants roma.In the history of the big three European cup, real Madrid and Rome, a total of nine times meet real Madrid five wins and a draw three negative have the upper hand.The two teams last met, you are the first leg clash, 2-0 victory over real Madrid, cristiano ronaldo and about 15.

In the 1/8 uefa champions league final first leg match, real Madrid’s 2-0 victory over roma, the Milky Way battleship of a foot has entered the uefa champions league quarter-final.Real Madrid’s recent performance is not stable: in west re-scheduled week 26 round, the Milky Way battleship home 1-0 defeat to city rivals atletico Madrid;Despite the recent two rounds of the game’s zinedine zidane team two straight wins, however the current real Madrid from the top of the premier league club Barcelona there are still 12 points of difference, the prospect of the shape has very slim.In this background that real Madrid will certainly to play in the champions league knockout, because big ear cup has almostBecome the galaxy warships in the final goal of the season.

Roman objectively speaking, in the fired Rudy – Garcia, please go back to past exploits coach luciano spalletti, the rise of Rome momentum is very obvious: on the road after the 1-0 defeat to Juventus, roma for the next seven serie a round 7 wins in a row, the powerful had 21 points after the capital giants has returned to the area of the champions league championship.But even so, the Roman strength of theory from real Madrid, there is still a huge gap after the 2-0 defeat at home, even the most optimistic of the roma fans, don’t got too big for my team advanced to the champions league quarter-finalsHope.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended real Madrid to 1.5 the game ball.

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