W88 casino optimal DE w88 】 【 30 rounds of the English premier league fixtures, 2015-2016

Beijing time on March 12th (Saturday) at, was approaching 30 in 2015-2016 England football super league round, here small make up take you to preview in advance the arrangement and the analysis of the event.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/3/12 (Saturday)atNorwich,Manchester city 2016/3/12 (Saturday)23:00MAO bowen’Swansea 2016/3/12 (Saturday)23:00Stoke citySouthampton 2016/3/14 (Monday)00:00Aston villaspurs 2016/3/15 (Tuesday)04:00LesterNewcastle delayTo be determinedArsenalWest brom delayTo be determinedLiverpoolChelsea delayTo be determinedManchester unitedThe crystal palace delayTo be determinedsunderlandeverton delayTo be determinedWest hamwatford

Norwich VS Manchester city. “

The historical record:

In history, a total of 66 between the teams, Manchester city 35-21 flat 10 occupy absolute advantage.In the premier league this season, in the first leg of the two sides met Manchester city 2-1 win at home.In January this year’s fa cup match, away to a 3-0 win at Manchester city.

Aguero a point is to catch up with a record

In the last round of premiership aguero scored twice, his premier league goals this season has reached 16, behind only val di 3 balls, could still won the premiership golden boot this season.And since joining Manchester city in 2011, aguero has scored 128 goals for the team, entered the top 10, top scorer in the history of Manchester city club and score the most poor Eric brooke (178) also 50 goals.Aguero wants to break the record, “that would be a great achievement. If you can break the record will be very wonderful, I hope that it won’t be too longThe time.Because it means that the team to be able to progress, and have other good players.”

Point 2: Manchester city forward to winning streaks,

Manchester city after a premier league burnley, fortunately at home last weekend’s 4-0 victory over vice President villa just stopped lost momentum, but the city has leicester city 10 points behind the leaders.But Manchester city coach Manuel pellegrini says it will not give up the title, and the next to play every game as final.And Manchester city general sagna also said, “we are back in the title race, a game we have less, then there is 30 points you can get it, nothing is impossible.”

Third point: Norwich nearly nine rounds only 1,

As this season’s premier league championship, Norwich record has not been very ideal.Especially in recent 9 rounds in the premier league was a draw at home to Norwich west ham to 1 minute, all the rest 8 round league defeat.This leads to Norwich’s ranking is falling and currently in the premiership they have tumbled into the relegation zone, if still no improvement last nine games, I’m afraid Norwich will accept the premier swim the fate of a year.

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