W88 casino European champions league – atletico Madrid VS PSV eindhoven

03:45 on March 16, , 2016Atletico Madrid VS PSV eindhoven, The two sides are expected to start: Atletico Madrid: Mr Black, felipe lopez, godin, savage, Juan Francisco moreno fuertes, 6:00 PM, cork, gaby, sand road, Glenn boltzmann, anti-beatle;PSV eindhoven: Zc, Williams, moreno, buruma, arias, Fan Jin Kerr, guar, Mr Pell, Kaldi, Mr Singh, Gaston payton.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: atletico Madrid – 1.5.

Atletico Madrid are three consecutive season into the strong 8: in the first leg clash, atletico Madrid’s 0-0 draw with PSV eindhoven, the results for the second leg is full of surprises.Atletico Madrid if it can be set to qualify to beat his opponent at home, and PSV if can get away goal, so they need only a draw can be eliminated the sheets.Atletico Madrid have three consecutive season into the champions league last 16,The last two seasons if you s쳮d, all this time they also want to enter the champions league last eight three consecutive season.

Atletico Madrid’s recent state is still outstanding, defeated real Madrid in Madrid Derby, continue to defeat in the premiership after rounds of league in the royal society, valencia and 3-0 rick deportivo la coruna, won four straight league, currently 67 points was ranked west re-scheduled week 2, eight points behind the leaders Barcelona, higher ranked third four points of real Madrid, recently 7 each race, only 1 ball lost;Nearly three times the two sides met, atletico Madrid 2 win 1 draw 0, 5 goals, the loss of 1 ball, ball 2 times, 1 ball, 15 in the pastAll the games in home 12-2-1.

PSV eindhoven last round 1-1 at home stuffy heerenveen, stop the footsteps of 10 successive premiership.Now with one point advantage continues to lead the eredivisie league, recent market is good, seven consecutive matches unbeaten.Team in the champions league this season strong, group power outlet pressure premiership giants Manchester united, ranked second team winning.PSV eindhoven last 25 games against Spanish team 10 negative record of 4-11 flat, nearly seven matches conceding only 1.

Optimal DE project.it8 western sports remind: recommended PSV eindhoven refusal under 1.5 goals wins the game.

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