W88 casino Spanish league – Spanish vs valle cano

03:00 on March 8, in 2016Spanish vs valle cano The two sides are expected to start: Spanish: Lopez, delgado, alvaro, lopez, omar Onions, sanchez, diop, Arsenal theo, gonzalez, Steven gerrard, Kaiser;The kano: Martin, gini, llorente, hernan crespo, Tito, the tula, terra Russ shaw, Adrian, petey, beibei,Manucho.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Spanish – 0.5.

Spanish and barye cano the finish is a relegation battle of concern.Though the two teams currently ranking in the relegation zone, but the situation is no better, a defeat would change their existing ranking.This contest is to avoid relegation fight, who all want to get a satisfied score each other, so the two teams will go all out.Two teams in the first leg of china-pakistan carnot 3-0 home defeatSpanish, have certain advantages in heart.

Not equal to idea of humanistic season in Spain, now 27 round 8 wins 4 flat to negative 28 points, 15 sorts in west re-scheduled week 15, a 3-0 defeat to real betis at the stadium, the end of the game after the team’s goal difference is negative, 27, became the Spanish goal difference minimum team, the team’s defence is their biggest short board, if you want to win the integral avoid relegation, the team must strengthen the defensive intensity, is likely to get good grades.

Valle cano also avoid relegation zone team this season, now 27 wheel with six wins 8Flat to negative 26 points, 13 in west re-scheduled week 17, more than just the relegation zone 2 points, accidentally will fall slightly relegation zone, situation is not optimistic.Valle kano is a goal of the maximum number of teams, but in contrast, goals or in the lower half most teams, defense is one of the largest factors, drag the column cano so defensive problem is that they should first solve the problem.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended valle cano refusal under 0.5 goals wins.

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