W88 casino in the champions league – Chelsea v Paris st germain

03:45 on March 10, in 2016: Chelsea v Paris st germainThe two sides are expected to start: Chelsea: Kurt tuva, aspen leather quetta, ivanovic, cahill, baba, mikel, cesc fabregas, William, Oscar, azar, diego – costa;Paris st germain: Trapp, makin mourinho, thiago silva, Louis, maxwell, vera, motta, misty edie, di maria, zlatan ibrahimovic, Lucas.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Chelsea 0.

Chelsea’s Stamford bridge pitch again in life and death battle with Paris st germain.Is the game, two teams of three consecutive season in the champions league knockout stages of the sixth, the two sides of the last two seasons out each other once, Chelsea 1 win 1 draw unbeaten at home.

Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with stoke city last weekend league home, after the game boss ding”Said admitted that the team will not get before the premier league this season four, explicitly expressed the hope that a fight in the champions league.Team well recently, since guus hiddink to replace jose mourinho at Chelsea game has improved a lot, now has 13 consecutive rounds of league unbeaten, now 40 points in the premiership to 10th.

Paris saint germain last home in the face of the challenge of the montpellier camp team eventually be rivals, but is now leading league with 74 points, 17 points higher than the second Monaco, basically have league champions.The team to play in the champions league cup 2-1 at home toDuring his visit to the premier league, Chelsea currently occupy initiative in the two round of the champions league cup.This will be a close race, because Chelsea lost the first leg, is expected in the beginning of the game to the Paris stormed, strengthen the oppression, but as long as the team to remain focused, completes the ball, at the same time, strive for the goal as soon as possible, believe that this will have greater progress.

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