Recommended – thunder VS w88NBA matches the blazers

08:00 on March 15, in 2016Thunder VS the blazers, The two sides are expected to start: Thunder: Kevin durant, Russell westbrook, the barca, Robertson, Adams;Trail blazers: Radmanovic, McCollum, Amy’s, feng lai, plum.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: thunder – eight points.

The thunder game slightly depressed recently, lack of rhythm, recently suffered a losing streak, so urgently need a win to reverse the current embarrassing situation, the strength of the twin or trustworthy, and the squad now, bench and optimal, rebound more easily.And the trail blazers here is not so stable, vladimir radmanovic, after all, are not a superman, want every hand over satisfied answer that is unlikely, the rest of the team and hard to carry a heavy burden, and it is attacking terror of thunder, I’m afraid is run.

Thunder on a for battle, 85-93 defeat to the spurs on the road, this is the 12th season lead after three quartersAfter the defeat, 12 time reversal is the league’s worst so far.Throughout the four quarter, thunder only 27-20 get victory in the second quarter, the remaining three are lost, in front of the SAN Antonio spurs tight defense also makes the recent low score.Durant and Wisconsin brooke this although 47 points, but horrible on threes, two people together for 9 to 1, the barca had seven points and 12 rebounds, do well the defensive end, but the thunder need him more contribution on the offensive end, lack of this point is the punishment.Kanter is thunder recent discoveries, the player will maintain a high level since March 7, when the thunderWhether victory over the Milwaukee bucks at Canterbury had 18 points and 12 rebounds, and after a few score in double figures, in a game against the spurs also contributed 11 points and 17 rebounds, Donovan can consider to give him more opportunity.

The blazers on a 121-84 victory over the magic at home, opponents win the overall strength is not strong is not a surprise, quickly from the shadow of loss to the warriors out of.Efficient team this offense, especially 3-pointers to force more, 17 of the team of 35 shots, before a 19 of 36 shots, three is currently one of the major means of scoring.Another offense in this game, not depend on test and radmanovic there like crabbe, Leonard, Henderson rotation player to play at any time, and can immediately enter the role, it is also a good thing.Portland nearly loses present in two characteristics, one is the rudd recently crazy cut points won only one game, the second is collective rotation players continue downturn, but two rotation worked well recently.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended thunderbolt let eight points wins the game.

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